Sign/Co-Sign, Light & Wire Gallery, various locations, Miami Beach (December 2009)


December 1 – 31, 2009, Miami Beach, Florida

“Every exhibition is one possibility surrounded by many other possibilities which are worth being explored.” – Marcel Broodthaers

Light & Wire Gallery is pleased to announce a public group project of new works by six artist to take place in Miami Beach during Art Basel and NADA fairs. The exhibition will present work by Ginny Cook, David Horvitz, Lindsay Ljungkull, Heather Rasmussen, Brendan Threadgill, and Greg Wilken. In their strategic locations, these artworks utilize normally benign advertising space to reflect upon the history of South Florida, international commerce, and existing art world structures. The shelter posters function as a site-specific exhibition on display for one month to passers-by, public transit patrons, and the occasional, intentional, art viewer. The exhibition route will continue to be accessible by car or bus service during and after the many art fairs have retreated from the city.

1. 5th street, north of Washington Avenue- Lindsay Ljungkull
2. 17th street, east of Convention Center Drive- Greg Wilken
3. Indian Creek Drive, south of 43rd Street- David Horvitz
4. Collins Avenue, north of 45th Street- Ginny Cook
5. Collins Avenue, south of 65th Street- Brendan Threadgill
6. Indian Creek Drive, north of 65th Street- Heather Rasmussen

Light & Wire Gallery (2008–2014)

Light & Wire Gallery was founded by Gladys-Katherina Hernando and Jessica Minckley (2008–2009) as an experimental art space on the web that encouraged artists to create unique temporal and temporary projects made exclusively to function on the internet. Founded in July 2008, Light & Wire Gallery collaborated with over 80 artists and curators to realize 56 exhibition projects before its closing in December 2014.  The gallery did not have a physical location but was based in Los Angeles, California. Please visit Light & Wire Gallery to see its full archive of exhibitions.