The Elegant Universe, The Pit, Los Angeles (April 2015)

April 12 – May 24, 2015

If a shadow is a two-dimensional projection of a three dimensional world, then the three dimensional world as we know it is the projection of the four-dimensional universe. –Marcel Duchamp

The Pit presents The Elegant Universe a show of new sculptures by Olivia Booth, Rod Fahmian, Sonja Gerdes, and Nora Shields. Inspired by the scientific concept of string theory, The Elegant Universe fragments the linear, narrative methods of seeing in an exploration of dimensionality as form. Through visual fragmentation and the physical navigation of space, The Elegant Universe creates a framework for the disruption and contemplation of perception, potentializing dimension as a concept beyond our immediate recognition. 

Inspired by the book of the same name, The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene explores the history and future of scientific string theory as connecting the universe through microscopic loops of energy lying deep within the heart of matter. Greene devised a theory that postulates the existence of extra dimensions of space. Instead of the usual four dimensions, he determined that there must be ten spatial dimensions and one dimension of time to allow for a consistently defined string theory. The theory explains that we do not perceive these extra dimensions because they are “curled up” or “compactified,” and hence not noticeable. 

The construction of three dimensional space is composed of the materiality of the world. This frame of space is physically experienced and considered through the a specific, predetermined vocabulary of terms. Primarily through the use of sculpture, the artists use materials and methods that explore ideas of transparency, architecture, energy, and theatricality. The Elegant Universe proposes that a disruption of space may challenge conventions of interaction and understanding to allow for the subtle interrogation of the intangible.

The Elegant Universe is curated by Gladys-Katherina Hernando. A publication accompanies the exhibition and includes texts by Adam D. Miller and the Curator. 

Olivia Booth lives in Los Angeles; Rod Fahmian lives in Los Angeles, California; Sonja Gerdes lives in Berlin, Germany; and Nora Sheilds lives in Los Angeles.

The Pit
918 Ruberta Avenue
Glendale, California 91201