Aislado, Galería Perdida, New York (March 2011)

Aislado: An exhibition of photographs by Gladys-Katherina Hernando

Galería Perdida
March 22–April 17, 2011

General licenses are granted to the following categories of travelers, who are permitted to spend money to travel to Cuba and to engage in other transactions directly incident to the purpose of their travel, without the need to obtain a specific license from the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC):

  • Persons visiting a close relative (any individual related to a person by blood, marriage, or adoption who is no more than three generations removed from that person or from a common ancestor with that person) who is a national of Cuba, and persons traveling with them who share a common dwelling as a family with them. ––There is no limit on the duration or frequency of such travel. (According to the Cuban Assets Control Regulations, third country nationals who reside in Cuba are considered Cuban nationals.)
  • Journalists and supporting broadcasting or technical personnel (regularly employed in that capacity by a news reporting organization and traveling for journalistic activities).
  • Official government travelers on official business.
  • Members of international organizations of which the United States is also a member (traveling on official business).
  • Full-time professionals, whose travel transactions are directly related to research in their professional areas, provided that their research: 1) is of a noncommercial, academic nature; 2) comprises a full work schedule in Cuba; and 3) has a substantial likelihood of public dissemination.From the air.  From the car.  On the ground.  The views are all partial glances of a country in continual development, reflecting the movements of Gladys-Katherina Hernando. Aislado presents a selection of images taken by Hernando through an hourless journey along distant roads approaching one coast to another.  Inevitably, Hernando reconnects the history and people that have defined not only the past, but her travels as well.  Throughout her way, she captures an intimate portrait of a nation at arm’s length.  galería perdida is proud to present a selection of Gladys-Katherina Hernando’s Aislado, on view March 20-April 17, 2011.

galería perdida and Light & Wire Gallery have performed a collaborative trade of exhibitions.  The two shows retain similarities in their context and content, yet lie within different realms of experience. galería perdida’s exhibition can be seen here.

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