Signs of Life, Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles (June 26–July 31, 2010)

Signs of Life

Emilie Halpern, Lorna MacIntyre, Kris Martin, Lisa Tan, Greg Wilken

Organized by Gladys-Katherina Hernando

June 26–July 31, 2010

Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles


Opening Reception, Saturday, June 26 from 5 to 7pm.

Richard Telles Fine Art presents an exhibition organized by Gladys- Katherina Hernando titled Signs of Life. The show is centered on five artists who explore photography, sculpture and ephemeral materials as representations of our cultural landscape and human experience.

We are collectors of things; artifacts, books, ideas– they are the remnants of human existence. In our society, we experience life not by reading the encyclopedia but through these intermediaries. The increasing speed of information and technology impacts how humans interact with each other and with our recent past. The gathering of objects allows us to retrace our steps, whether in search of something lost, once understood, or the unknown.

The artist selected for this exhibition use discrete methods of art making to generate a pause to this momentum. The work does not seek to hide its sources; instead they retransmit our collective intellectual output in order to subdue the increased amnesia of our history. Inspired by everyday events, meaningful texts, and natural objects, the works are distilled from a mass of information into a focused meditation of formal structures and cultural fragments.

An online component will accompany the exhibition along with a reader that explores the many influences on the artist’s thinking and practice. The website will be accessible the on June 26th, throughout the course of the exhibition, and as a permanent archive at

Information on the Artists:

Emilie Halpern- Los Angeles-based Halpern’s evocative work examines seemingly simple treasures and objects with a keen eye for inquiry rooted in human experience. Halpern will exhibit works from a new series of discrete photographs where male and female figures are united by their interactions with natural objects and symbols found in nature.

Lorna MacIntyre- Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Macintyre references the classical arts, fragments of the natural world, alchemy and literature in her elemental approach to sculpture and photography. Her most recent solo exhibition focused on symbolism and the representation of transcendence and transitional states, while experimenting with materials that left physical traces of change.

Kris Martin- Lives in Ghent, Belgium. Martin explores faith and time through the use of drawing, photography, collage, and ready-made objects. His practice invokes a sentiment of melancholy and humor, while transforming the meaning of elements from their original function. The works presented will examine the significance of literature, dwindled down to its finest point and its inevitable ties to society and death.

Lisa Tan- Lives in Brooklyn, NY and Stockholm, Sweden. Tan interprets an expansion and contraction between minor personal histories and wider public histories or contexts.  Much of her work has involved active displacement as a way of studying the relationship between lived experience and representation.

Greg Wilken- A Los Angeles artist working predominantly in photography and film, Wilken uses forgotten historical subject matter of the “things that go missing” as his springboard. The works exist in the format of a portable book and case, as evidence of the collection of each project, shifting the creative act to the looking-for-something as opposed to the making-of-something.

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